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To the lovers of the nature, that wants to have a direct contact with the rich biodiversity of the Atlantic Forest, and get to know more of the forest of  the Iguassu National Park, Macuco safari offers the tour option “just jungle”, where, in the company of a specialized tourist guide, the visitor can witness and learn about the local fauna and flora.

The tour has the duration of one hour  beginning in moderns electric car in the midst of nature with the length of 3 kilometers with informations about history of the park, animals and trees that are highlighted in the forest.

For the next step, there is a walk along the path of approximately 600m, considered of easy difficulty and able to all ages, so that the visitor may be capable of having a closer contact with the environment. In this trail lies a waterfall flowing from ancient rocks, tha we call Macuco, a true spectacle.

The trip has its end in our structure that precedes the boat, where the visitor can find a snack bar, bathrooms and in addition a privileged view of the Iguassu river.

To this walk, we recommend our visitor to wear comfortable shoes, light clothing, repellent and sunscreen.

We invite you to come stay closer to nature and to be in contact with what we have of more pure. It is going to be an adventure full of knowledge and unforgettable experiences.

Your adventure begins here!!
AdultR$ 107,70
CriançaR$ 53,85
InfantR$ 0,00
Melhor IdadeR$ 53,85
LindeirosR$ 53,85
TotalR$ 0,00
Valor a PagarR$ 0,00
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Crianças ate 6 anos isento;(infantil)
Crianças entre 7 à 11 anos - 50%
Maiores de 60 anos brasileiros – 50%.
Ingresso de entrada para o Parque Nacional do Iguaçu não incluso.

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